Try 2012 Without Resolutions

Happy New Year!

Do you do any kind of formal or informal year-end review? My mail box has been filled with instructions about how to make 2012 your (my) best year yet. Aren’t you relieved that I have no similar instructions for you?

I have always hated to set specific goals. Instead I’ve decided on my priorities and check to see whether the choices I make are aligned with them. Keeping a journal makes this process easier for me, and besides, it’s fun to discover what I have to say almost every day.

I rarely read my journal, but on New Year’s Day I was counting my considerable blessings and looked to see what my day had been like a year ago. This year’s entry was so much happier than last years that I spend some time reflecting on how I made such a dramatic shift. My answer was involvement – involvement in writing “99 Things Women Wish They Knew Before Saying I Do” and in practicing and teaching Logosynthesis.

So naturally I intend to stay involved. The book is done so as soon as it is released my focus will shift to letting the world know it exists. The short, pre-publication reviews are wonderful and I’ll share them soon. Meanwhile, I have already started writing lots of brief articles about relationship issues to publicize the book. I think you’ll enjoy the two most recent that I’ve posted. Check them out and leave a comment.

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