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Should You Boycott What Does Not Support Your Values?

I recently discovered that lots of people, me included, are feeling a lots of stress about the current political situation. I reduced my stress using Logosynthesis® and felt much better.  I have known for a long time that I hate … Continue reading

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We Wouldn’t Have Known…

The effectiveness of people using Logosynthesis by themselves continues to surprise me. Perhaps that's because I only hear their self-reports and usually don't get to see the results of the work. In teaching a four-session class on self-coaching and Logosynthesis I’ve been privileged to hear … Continue reading

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Marriage Counseling Breakthrough

 Have you ever simply forgotten that you own a valuable  resource? Or did you remember it but dismissed it as  something that didn’t really matter? I am embarrassed  to admit that I buried something that I should have  been sharing … Continue reading

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